Today my grade-alike bestie and I coordinated our school's Remembrance Day assembly. Tomorrow I'll put up a video of our grade threes singing like little angels. Tonight I'm so tired I feel like throwing up a bit. But look... totally exhausted, sweaty, threw my scarf back on for this picture, took my hair back out of it's pony tail, (should have left it up I think) but still smiling. Because I work with Crystal.

(of a person) likable and easy to get along with.
having or characterized by shared attributes or interests; compatible.
"a simpatico relationship"

Yup. That's us.


The label maker I ordered came in the mail today. I love it. That feeling you get when you press the button and nice clean label pops out ready to go... That's just gold. Especially for a teacher. I have big plans this long weekend. Big organizing stuff so my students can mess it all up plans.

Ben's label should say, "Still Adorable."

I Posted

Yeah. This is it. You knew this was going to happen at least once.

Another One For My List

I had a grumpy day. My students keep breaking my stuff. It's so frustrating.

Then Eeyore (one of my favourites) did this thing. He had something to show me. I wasn't paying attention. In fact, I had my back to him. I felt him lift up my ponytail, then I heard him say, "Nope, no eyes back here..."

lol. He knows how to get my attention. Man that kid makes me laugh.

He's mad at me right now though. I changed the seating plan and put his desk WAY across the room away from my desk. Honestly, it probably won't make any difference in the number of times a day he wanders over to keep me company though. I'm not sure why I bothered.

Anyways, I keep a list of funny things he says. This one's going on it.

Sunday No-Fun Day

It's Sunday, and I'm too sick to go to school and work. This wouldn't bother me too much, but aside from having a lot that needs doing, Sunday is usually my Fun Day.

The best thing about my job is my grade-alike partner. She's my teaching soulmate. Usually every Sunday we get together and plan our weeks. And it's lovely. We visit, and collaborate, and share the work. It's so nice for me, because I'm new and she's great and if we're doing the same thing then I don't have to worry that I'm off-track. And it's fun.

Because we could probably do our work on our own in half the time. We use up a lot of time talking about whatever. But I'd be so much more stressed out and worn out without her. She's just LOVELY.

That's It.

I'm sick. Still. I feel awful. Dizzy and pukey and so so so tired.

Today my only goals are to fold the laundry and buy Ben some new winter boots. That's it. So this is it. A post. I posted.

Here's a video I like:

I love this bird. This video makes me so happy.